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Dorial Green-Beckham 2015 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Green-Beckham was on pace to be a top NFL prospect, but off the field issues have made his evaluation tougher.

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Wide Receiver




6'5, 237 pounds


Green-Beckham is a long, imposing figure.  You don't see a 6'5, 237 pound frame out of a wide receiver prospect every day.  To make things even more terrifying, he ran a 4.49 at the combine.  That's freakish athletic ability.  That ability is on display during this play.  The defender gets a ten yard cushion to start, but Green-Beckham beats him through the strides.  By the time the ball arrives, he has his man beat by a couple of steps.  This is the type of vertical threat that NFL teams covet.

Green-Beckham will offer you a huge redzone target.  His massive frame and long arms will pay dividends against smaller secondary players in the NFL.  Here's an example of his redzone usage.  This isn't bad coverage, but the defender has no chance due to Green-Beckham's size.  He simply stays in front of the defender, shielding him from the ball and goes up and grabs it.  This play was over once he made his cut on the post route.  This is just an example of what he can do, the problem is that he doesn't do this consistently enough yet.


As of right now, I'd say Green-Beckham is an average route runner at best.  He isn't explosive out of his stance and is a bit of a momentum runner.  He isn't going to give you at lot of lateral agility either.  For this reason, I think he will struggle to separate when asked to make hard breaking routes.  He can run nine routes all day long, but he will struggle a bit with the more technical routes.

I mentioned earlier that he doesn't consistently attack the ball and finish catches.  Simply put, his hands aren't that great.  There are so many examples of Green-Beckham not attacking the ball or even dropping the ball after it hits his hands.  It appears to be a concentration issue.  He must get stronger at the catch point.

This is one example that I found against Ole Miss.  It should be noted how well he releases against the tight man coverage.  He gains a step, but the throw is behind him.  He appears jump a hair early, eliminating the advantage he had.  The ball still hits him in the hands, but he isn't able to haul it in.

Green-Beckham will have to give a more consistent effort when asked to block.  There were too many examples of him giving up on plays or just not blocking at all.  He made the occasional big block, but it only happened when he saw the opportunity.  A guy with his size will be asked to run block and NFL teams won't put up with that kind of effort.


Dorial Green-Beckham appeared to be on his way to NFL stardom, but off the field issues forced him out of Missouri.  He sat out in 2014, robbing himself of valuable on field experience.  The physical tools are there, but teams will be digging deep into his past to see what kind of person he is.  He's rough around the edges, but a team with a strong veteran presence may find themselves a steal on draft day.

Draft Projection

Late 1st