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NFL Free Agency: Should Tennessee add one more player?

If you could bring any player to the Titans, which player would you add?

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The Titans have had a very solid free agency period so far, but it still feels like it is one starter shy of being great. With a shortlist of candidates that could come in and make a big difference on this team, which one would you most like to have?

Joe Barksdale RT

Barksdale isn't a great right tackle, but he is better than anything the Titans have had since David Stewart was in his prime. The Titans offensive line still has three weak links and until they upgrade C, LG or RT, this offensive line will still struggle.

Stefan Wisniewski/Chris Myers C

The Titans need help on the interior of the line (as I said before) and both of these players are outstanding at their position. If the Titans don't mind shifting to more of a zone blocking scheme, Myers could be a great fit for this team. This team needs a leader in the middle, and Brian Schwenke isn't seeming like the answer right now.

Dwight Freeney EDGE

I have talked about how good Freeney is on MCM before, and I still think he could be an outstanding addition to the Titans.

Red Bryant DL

Bryant is a great run stopping 5-tech, and if the Titans decided not to add Leonard Williams in the draft Bryant could be a great band-aid.