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Dick LeBeau confident in the current defensive roster

Looking at some quotes from LeBeau.

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The Tennessee Titans defense was bad last year...really bad. This isn't a secret and no one will argue with you about that point. However, the Titans new defensive coordinator thinks that this team has the right players to be successful under his watch, and it is hard to argue with a man with his track record.

In a recent interview with the Tennessean LeBeau had this to say on last year's defense:

"We have to do better, there's a lot of improvement to be made, but I was impressed with the way the defense put out. It was a tough year for everybody, but that happens in this league, it happens in this business. I was looking at the video and I was impressed with the team effort on defense throughout the season. … There's a lot of good, hard-working men who didn't have a lot of success last year, but we intend to correct that."

As someone who thinks (outside of passing on both Leonard Williams and Marcus Mariota with the second pick) the Titans can't mess up their first round pick in this draft, LeBeau makes me want to ignore Leonard Williams and his potential.

LeBeau could develop him and turn him into a great player, but this defense doesn't necessarily need him. For example, LeBeau turned a seventh round pick into one of the best defensive linemen in the game for a long time: Brett Keisel. Not only that, but he also turned a fourth rounder into an All-Decade team player (according to Sports Illustrated) in Aaron Smith.

LeBeau can develop defensive linemen as well as anyone in the league, and maybe the Titans should take a step back and really focus on offense early in the upcoming draft.