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Are the Tennessee Titans done adding DBs?

The Titans have overhauled a huge area of need.

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The Titans went into the offseason needing upgrades at almost ever position on the field. However, while the most glaring need was pass rusher, maybe more people should have been focusing on the defensive backfield.

For those who don't know how much of a change the Titans made this offseason here is a look at what the projected lineup should be. Each player will have their 2014 PFF grade beside their name for reference.

The Old Starters (listed by snap count)

-FS Michael Griffin (1159 snaps, -15.7 PFF rating)

-CB Jason McCourty (1103 snaps, -2.4 PFF rating)

-SS George Wilson (834 snaps, -14.1 PFF rating)

-SCB Coty Sensabaugh (737 snaps, -9.4 PFF rating)

-CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson (682 snaps, -16.2 PFF rating)

Cumulative PFF score: -57.8

That is a terrible list no matter how you slice it. Jason McCourty has the potential to be a really good corner and has showed that in the past, but last year showed that he can't do it without competent corner help around him. Michael Griffin was rated as one of the worst safeties in the league last year, but he has always been someone who preforms much better with a good strong safety next to him so this is a known quantity.

The real issue here are the guys below the two 2015 starters. George Wilson turned a decent 2013 campaign into a terrible 2014 season when he was asked to take on more responsibility.

Coty Sensabaugh and Blidi Wreh-Wilson couldn't figure out how to make it work, and despite the former have some very good film in the past, he is going to have to earn time on the field after a rough 2014.

The Projected Starters

-FS Michael Griffin (1159 snaps, -15.7 PFF rating)

-SS Da'Norris Searcy (666 snaps, 8.6 PFF rating)

-CB Jason McCourty (1103 snaps, -2.4 PFF rating)

-CB Perrish Cox (965 snaps, 1.2 PFF rating)

-SCB Brandon Harris (112 snaps, 1.7 PFF rating)

Cumulative PFF score: -6.6

While that may look underwhelming, you have to remember that Jason McCourty is just one year removed from a 10.6 rating in a season where he had a good corner to play opposite him. Also, Michael Griffin is just a year removed from a 6.1 season when Bernard Pollard (who was a good SS at the time) was allowing him to play more comfortably in the defensive backfield. If those two can get back to that level, then this group shouldn't have many weak links.

While Brandon Harris is untested, he showed up very well last year and helped the Titans at both CB and some FS, and with his versatility he should compete for playing time this year (especially if Sensabaugh and Wreh-Wilson don't turn their games around).

Perrish Cox has shown that he can be a very solid corner that can make plays when he needs to, but is more often than not just a reliable #2.

Da'Norris Searcy was a big signing that is getting overlooked, but he was a key piece in Buffalo's defense last year, and he can help solidify this DB group.