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NFL Draft: Trade up rumors are everywhere

The Titans shouldn't lack for trade partners.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL Draft right around the corner, there are no shortage of rumors about teams liking certain players. The player that has been most talked about as a trade target this year is obviously Oregon QB Marcus Mariota.

Mariota is a great prospect and in the right system he could prove to be a franchise caliber quarterback, the question is: which teams think they have the system and are desperate enough to trade up for him?

With the Titans essentially holding the rights to Mariota hostage at this point (after publicly stating several times that they aren't afraid to draft him) here is a look at some of the top rumors regarding teams interested in Mariota courtesy of SBNation writer Dan Kadar:

New York Jets

The Jets are sending the cavalry out to meet with Marcus Mariota and put him through the paces. Those going include head coach Todd Bowles, general manager Mike Maccagnan and a few coaches and executives. Six people in total, which is a big number. If Mariota is on the board at No. 6, don't be surprised if the Jets take him.

San Diego Chargers and Washington Redskins

The Chargers are also working out Mariota. That's an interesting development considering the Philip Rivers rumors. Washington is also bringing in Mariota for a visit.

Philadelphia Eagles

Don't believe anything Chip Kelly says until May 3, the day after the draft. There is a report that the Eagles are still in the mix for Marcus Mariota.

Competition for players like this increases the chances that the Titans can actually get a great trade and move down, and talks are only going to heat up as we get closer to the draft. With the Titans needing a lot of help (granted less help after a pretty solid free agency period) trading down in a class deep with edge rushers, running backs, offensive linemen, and wide receivers, could be the best thing for this team.