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Eddie George dreams of owning the Tennessee Titans

Al Bello/Getty Images

EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE! Eddie George talked to FOX 17 earlier this week, and he said it was a dream of his to own the Titans one day.  Eddie has done a lot of things in his post-football career including Shakespeare plays and working for the Big 10 Network.  He would be a good guy to have in a potential ownership group.

Here were George's comments:

"My dream is to be an owner of the Titans and bring a Super Bowl to Nashville. To build a new state-of-the-art stadium which doesn't have that corporate feel and creates a great fan experience. If Indianapolis can do it, why can't we? Think of the economic impact bringing the Super Bowl to this town would make. It would be unreal and the city is ready for that."

Eddie made a lot of money in his playing career, but he probably doesn't have $2 billion laying around. That means he would need to be part of a group to buy the team. It would be fantastic to have Eddie as part of a group that owned the team. He would be the perfect face for Titans' ownership and would be passionate about bringing a winner to this city. I hope he finds a way to make it happen.