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Between The Posts: Premature Assessments

How do you grade the Titans' free agency?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Evaluations are already being made about each NFL teams' success or failure in free agency. While the NFL is no stranger to revisionist history, you can always find premature rankings of each transaction made. The Titans Have received less than stellar reviews from their free agency this Summer. Much of that has to do with their record last season having a lasting effect in the minds of critics and analysts alike. Its difficult to ignore a 2 in season when predicting immediate future success.

I believe the Titans plugged plenty of roster holes, including retaining talent they already have on the squad. There is little doubt that they didn't make any splash moves, but upon review, free agency 'winners' are rarely gauged on how many big players a team signed in a given year. In this regard, the Titans did okay. Not excellent, but okay. They still have big needs to address, but they have the draft to do so.

In relation to the Titans' AFC South rivals, how do you rate their free agency performance?