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ESPN Grades the Tennessee Titans Free Agent Signings

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Grading free agency signings before the players ever play a down for the team is just as dumb as grading draft picks before they ever play a down in the NFL, yet ESPN has done (In$ider) it and I am writing about it.  The ESPN guys gave the Titans a C+ in free agency.  We will get to their comments in a minute, but I don't understand how the grade can be that low.  They are better today than they were when free agency started.  They really ended up with the guys that were the best fits for their team.  How you give them anything less than a B or B+ is beyond me.

Polian said he graded the down (see below) because they still don't have a quarterback.  What were they supposed to do about that in free agency?

Also, don't talk the over-spending stuff is stupid.  The Titans had a ton of cap room and no one on their current roster that they needed to pay.  Who cares if they spent a little more to bring guys in that they needed?  They didn't make any deals that are going to stick them with cap issues down the road.

Hare are the comments from the article about the Titans:

The Titans generated a range of opinions. Williamson thought they did very well in upgrading their defense. Polian pointed to the quarterback situation as the still-unresolved key variable. Yates thought the Titans' overall approach was confusing.

"They are not rudderless, but I am having a hard time seeing where the corner is turned," Yates said. "Orakpo is fine. Adding Dick LeBeau was a smart hire. I felt like they spent a lot of money for Cox and Searcy."

Williamson sees Searcy as the type of versatile safety LeBeau knows how to utilize. Re-signing Morgan and adding Orakpo gives the defense promise at outside linebacker.

"The other guys are role players and then Harry Douglas is probably better and more reliable than what they had," Polian said. "For them, it is 'Who is the quarterback?' If it is Zach Mettenberger, can you win with him? That is the bottom line."

Later today I am going to put up a poll that allows you to grade the Titans moves in free agency.