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MCM Community Mock Draft 2015: The St.Louis Rams Select....

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the 10th pick in the 2015 MCM Community Mock Draft, the St. Louis Rams (represented by alijeal) select....


Photo courtesy: Justin Ford- USA Today Sports

Kevin White, WR, West Virginia

From alijeal:

Rams GM Les Snead loves to trade on draft day. I would expect that if the board played out this way the Rams would try to move back. Trading with someone who really wanted Kevin White. The Rams defense has 11 players they’re comfortable with starting so I was sitting here quietly enjoying all of the #EDGE# defenders getting overdrafted based on who they may become as opposed to the prospect they currently are. If Schreff is on the board I expect the Rams to run up to the podium and pick him. They currently need 3 new starters on their offensive line. The Rams are still in play for Barksdale so that could change but if a trade were to come about I would expect them to pick up one of the RTs at the end of the first round. As for Kevin White he’s a physical specimen (Jeff Fishers favourite type of prospect). The Rams have a need at WR but it’s not a massive one. They have Britt (who they are paying a lot of money), Bailey, Givens, Quick and Austin. It’s not a particularly threatening set of receivers but there is enough there for Jeff Fisher to play with. That being said White is the clear top prospect left on the board and in todays NFL you can never have too many offensive weapons.

The Minnesota Vikings and leerafuse are now on the clock.

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