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Between The Posts: The Pressure's On

The heat is on for Webster and Whisenhunt.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Who is the pick?

A whole lot of pressure is on the Titans with the #2 pick. If the Buccaneers's do what is expected of they; taking Winston with the first overall pick, the Titans have to make a decision that could make or break the Webster/Whisenhunt regime. Whether the group decide to go with a defensive difference-maker like Williams or even Fowler, or do they opt to push the reset button by taking Mariota? Taking the Oregon passer also signals that the team thinks he can win right away, which would be entirely necessary if Webster and Whisenhunt are going to remain in charge. If they don't take him, then their defensive pick would have to help them to at least a winning record in 2015.

The choice will quite possibly characterize the team for the next five-ten years, so there is an immense pressure to get it right. It would be nice for the Titans to hit on a high draft pick, whom also makes a difference in the win-loss column. So if you had to make the call, who would it be?