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2015 NFL Draft: The Draft and the Furious 5.0

Corn on the Cobb or Taking an A"jayi"walk down the field?

There's nothing girly about Gurley. Do want.
There's nothing girly about Gurley. Do want.
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Welcome to another edition of the weekly draft position rankings! This week, we'll be taking a look at the running backs. The class of 2015 is a very talented bunch from top to bottom. As previously stated, this post is where I can take questions via the comments section or hit me up on gmail at I have a Facebook as well (my name). With that said, onto the rankings!

1. Todd Gurley 6'1 222 Junior Georgia

- The nation's best running back for almost his entire UGA career. Gurley is a back who loves to punish defenders for having the gall to be in his way. He has great instincts and vision to avoid the big hits and simply run away from defenders despite his frame. Also possesses great open field speed, often making the first defender miss even if they get a hand on him. Gurley also has a great feel for his runs i.e. when to plow ahead or when to bounce it outside for more yards. Rarely goes down on first contact. He was the kick returner for the Bulldogs despite his importance to the offense and was great at it, returning several for touchdowns. The injury history is a red flag the size of the entire Asian continent. He's missed several games and series throughout with nicks here and there. Suffered a torn ACL in 2014 in his first game action of year (missed several games due to NCAA improprieties). While he can get away with running upright in college, it will expose him in the pros for more hits.

2. Melvin Gordon 6'1 215 Junior Wisconsin

- A 2014 Heisman Trophy finalist. The next guy up in the long and storied tradition of Wisconsin backs. Unlike the others that have preceded him, he might be the best athlete out of the bunch. Gordon has a good enough understanding of reading and following his blockers to open lanes. While not in Gurley's class as a pure athlete, he has enough speed to blow away defenders. He has an innate ability to run lower than his 6'1 height thus making him a smaller target. A monster inside the tackles and has hidden strength (not as strong as Gurley is) once inside the pile. Lack of experience as a pass catcher is a minus (although Wisconsin doesn't throw it to their backs that often). 2014 was his only year with a heavy workload as he had to split time before this year so there aren't as many miles on his legs as his predecessors.

3. Jeremy Langford 6'0 208 RS Senior Michigan State

- Langford blew away expectations for him when he ran a 4.43 40. He's a punishing runner much like former Spartan backs. He's a better athlete than most give him credit for. While I'm not too excited about the workload he received as a Spartan, I do like his skill set, especially his vision and patience. Underrated receiver. The workload he got is a major concern as he was the only option on offense before QB Connor Cook came along to stabilize the QB situation.

4. David Johnson 6'1 224 RS Senior Northern Iowa

- Johnson has had an outstanding draft process that started with the Senior Bowl. He has a ridiculous amount of speed for a guy his size. A tough runner who requires more than one defender to bring down. Johnson knows what he is (a straight one cut and go back) and uses his skill set very well. He's also very adept at catching the ball out of the backfield (it could be his best attribute). Also a willing pass blocker as shown in Mobile as he won most of his one on one blocking assignments.

5. Jay Ajayi 6'0 221 Junior Boise State

- Ajayi is one of the more underrated backs in the country due to the remote outpost called Boise and the frequent late night starts to their games. He's a tough inside the tackles runner that hides behind his blockers and sets them up well. Underrated speed and agility. Very well balanced and light on his feet when cutting to the outside. Doesn't need much time to reset his feet. A capable receiver out of the backfield.

Best of the rest

6. Tevin Coleman 5'11 206 Indiana

7. Ameer Abdullah 5'9 205 Nebraska

8. David Cobb 5'11 229 Minnesota

9. Duke Johnson 5'9 207 Miami

10. Cameron Artis-Payne 5'10 212 Auburn