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Between The Posts: Obvious Statements Are Obvious

Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans aren't for case that wasn't quite clear, interim CEO Steve Underwood intimated as much during his media session today. I don't think anyone really cares who owns the team, as long as they put a football mind in the power position.

The rest of the day was mostly dominated by those reading too deeply into Ken Whisenhunt's statements on Oregon QB standout Marcus Mariota while at the annual NFL owners conference. Obviously a QB taken at 2 overall...or really any player taken at 2 overall is drafted to be a day one starter. There's not much more to it than that. Now the Titans may very well draft Mariota, but Whisenhunt's comments don't make that any more of an reality than otherwise. If they take Leonard Williams at 2, you'd better believe he'd be a day one starter too.

Though I suppose we have the NFL offseason to blame for this over examination of comments...I mean, just look at the Jets and Patriots back-and-forth with Darelle Revis...