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MCM Community Mock Draft 2015: The New York Jets Select....

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

With the 6th pick in the 2015 MCM Community Mock Draft, the New York Jets (represented by titanswin21) select....


Photo courtesy Dale Zanine- USA Today Sports

Shane Ray, EDGE, Missouri

From titanswin21:

The New York Jets were salivating at the chance to get a true franchise quarterback in Marcus Mariota and move on from the Geno Smith experiment. Unfortunately for the Jets, the Washington Redskins got to walk to the podium first. With both of the top QBs off the board and New York shoring up their secondary by signing roughly all of the DBs in free agency, I decided to take Shane Ray from Missouri. The Jets have a solid defense but lack a great edge-rusher, Shane Ray will fill that role. Plus, when you're playing New England twice a year you need all the defensive help you can get.

The Chicago Bears and jerlindsey are now on the clock.

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