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This 2015 NFL mock draft goes 7 rounds for the Tennessee Titans

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Trevor's buddy, Matt Miller of Bleacher Report, has put out a new 7-round mock draft this morning.  I have to commend anyone who is willing to go through 7 rounds for every single team- including the newly awarded compensatory picks.  That would make me lose my mind (Upton here. Remember when Braves fans were excited about that?).

Anyway, Miller has the Titans taking Marcus Mariota with the second pick.  Here is part of what he had to say about the pick:

Mariota has gone from clear-cut No. 1 pick to developmental player, and there's some truth to both. He is talented—athletic, accurate, smart and a high-character leader—and has big upside potential when you look at his work ethic and quarterback traits. He may not be what Ken Whisenhunt historically looks for in a quarterback, but the league is changing and the Titans need the franchise quarterback they haven't had since Steve McNair.

Here is how the rest of the draft played out for the Titans:

Round 2 pick 33: Jake Fisher, OT, Oregon (2 Oregon players in the first 2 rounds? Chip Kelly ain't got nothing on the Titans!)
Round 3 pick 66: Charles Gaines, CB, Louisville
Round 4 pick 100: Tre McBride, WR, William & Mary
Round 5 pick 138: Mike Hull, LB, Penn State
Round 6 pick 176: Jeremiah Poutasi, G, Utah
Round 6 pick 207: Durell Eskridge, FS, Syracuse

What are your thoughts on how this one played out?