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Tennessee Titans News Links: Questions Abound

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans CEO and President, Tommy Smith, retired, and so now the Titans are in search of a new one. Paul Kuharsky talks about some of the Frequently Asked Questions, he has come across.

Where will the Titans look for a new CEO? All over says PK. It will be a long process, which is good, they need to be thorough. Tommy Smith scared me as someone who would hire a new coach or GM, I hope this new guy is able to hire the right people and retain those people.

Free Agency cleared up what the Titans will do with the 2nd overall pick, right? Wrong. They still will probably choose between Marcus Mariota and Leonard Williams. Either of which, I will be very happy with. It all comes down to how they evaluate Mett. Is he the future of the franchise or is Mariota?

Quote of the Day: "Knowledge is power." -Francis Bacon