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Jason LaCanfora thinks Jimmy Haslam could get Titans in a "franchise swap"

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

So Jason La Canfora has been reporting since the day after Bud Adams died* that the Titans will be for sale soon, while the Adams family has denied that report.  With the events that took place on Friday afternoon, Tommy Smith stepping down being forced out if you have been hiding under a rock, it sure seems like La Canfora's information is good.  It sounds to me like, and this is speculation made by most, that one of Bud's daughters, the one not married to Smith, wants to sell the team while the other invested parties, the Smith family and the family of Kenneth, Bud's late son, do not want to sell.

So the Titans for sale report from La Canfora doesn't seem ridiculous.  What is ridiculous, however, is the latest report from La Canfora that Jimmy Haslam, who owns the Cleveland Browns, might try to trade franchises with whoever ends up buying the Titans- if they are put up for sale.  From La Canfora:

"Don't ignore the possibility of a swap with the Browns when that time comes," said one source who deals directly with many ownership groups. Some tax issues could prevent the Titans sale from happening as quickly as some others -- the Browns and Bills have changed hands quite quickly in recent years -- but make no mistake this has become more of a front-burner issue now with the NFL, and it would certainly behoove the NFL to have it wrapped up in 2015.

That has to be as ridiculous as it sounds, right?

*Not the actual date of the report