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MCM Community Mock Draft 2015: The Tennessee Titans Select....

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2nd pick in the 2015 MCM Community Mock Draft, the Tennessee Titans (represented by Titans Fire Fighter) select....


Photo courtesy Brian Spurlock- USA Today Sports

Leonard Williams, DL, USC

From Titans Firefighter:

With the 2nd pick in the 2015 Draft the Tennessee Titans select "The Hair" Leonard Williams. What more could you want out of a player coming out of college? He has size 302lbs, power, quickness and dat hair. He can play any where on the DL, you need him at DT in your 4-3 done, want him as a DE in 3-4 you got it, hell I think he can even play DT in a 3-4 on passing downs. He does have a weakness and that is he struggle at times with leverage but that is understandable when your 6'5". He is being compared to by scouts to McCoy of the Bucs to J.J. Wyatt because of the potenial to dominated the DL. Another reason the Titans would be wise to draft Leonard because you pair him Jurrel Casey and niether of them can get doubled at the same time right.... Even if they are both doubled that is 4 OL/TE/RB blocking 2 guys TWO GUYS. That would leave 1 guy with a One-on-One battle to either sack the QB or tackle the RB. The good thing about a 3-4 D is that you know of the 3 guys that are coming but you don't know which of the 4 LBs that are going to be coming. Right now I think between Brown, Orakpo, Williamson and Morgan they could all win one-on-one battle with a 5 yard head start. This pick would improve the defense immediately but its not just the defense but the offense would be improved. The reason for improvement by the offense because the defense would get off the field giving the offense more chances to get a rhythm going if not give them a short field from a TO. Remember that a front 3/4 makes the LBs easier which by making the LBs job easier it makes the DBs job easier and as a whole we look so much better.

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Dynamic Dreadlocks are now on the clock.