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Tennessee Titans News Links: Vanishing Act

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Tommy Smith was here, promising quick turnarounds and Super Bowls and then just like that, he vanished. Well, actually he retired to work on his oil company, but still very surprising turn of events. I personally didn't dislike Tommy Smith, I just thought he probably was not as in tune with the football side of the Titans as he probably should have been.

Because of the early retirement, current President of the United States, Frank Steve Underwood, will take over on an interim basis until they find a permanent replacement.

The Titans missed out on the James Harrison sweepstakes if you can call them that. He will return to the Steelers on a two year deal. He probably wouldn't have seen a whole lot of playing time anyway. I expect us to draft an OLB and play Massaquoi a good bit.

Again, Tommy Smith retired.

Quote of the Day: "Integrity has no need of rules." -Albert Camus