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Between The Posts: Perhaps For The Best

Tommy Smith's exit from the Titans top brass better for the team in the long run.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Titans CEO/Owner Tommy Smith stepped down from his post today in a surprising move. He didn't hold down the fort long, presiding over just one season (which happened to be the worst in franchise history), but he made no shortage of promises to Tennessee Titans faithful.

While we can already speculate that the timing of this announcement is odd (and it may indicate that this wasn't entirely Smith's decision to make), the only impact on the Titans will be in the long run. As most would agree, having a local owner who is more invested in the success of the franchise would be beneficial. If Smith wasn't wholly devoted, then he made the right move regardless.

How do you view the move? And better yet, who do you think the team will replace him with?