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Tommy Smith retiring as Titans CEO

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Wyatt broke the news a few minutes ago that Tommy Smith is stepping down as President and CEO of the Titans.  Here is Wyatt's series of tweets:

I haven't taken the time to run through NFL team presidents in history, but Smith's tenure has to be one of the worst of all time. He was in charge for one full year and the team went 2-14.

As Wyatt said above, Smith said again that the team isn't for sale, but I wouldn't take that bet to the bank.

Hopefully whoever they hire will be based in Nashville.  This team has had absentee ownership/leadership for too long.  They need someone in the building on a daily basis to really oversee how things are going.

Statement from the Titans organization:

“We want to thank Tommy for his dedication to the club and his efforts to improve the organization. Now looking forward, we are motivated to add a top-flight executive to lead the franchise. We believe that adding someone to the structure in Nashville will be beneficial. Lastly, we want to thank Steve Underwood for rejoining us during this interim period and know that he will integrate smoothly until we find the right person permanently for the job.”

Statement from Steve Underwoood:

I am honored to return to Nashville to help the organization during this search period. I have a great deal of respect for the family and look forward to aiding the team during this time