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Tennessee Titans News Links: New Guy On the Block

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have plenty of new faces on the team, after making a flurry of free agent signings a week ago. Ken Whisenhunt talks about said signings and what they mean going forward for the team.

The Titans will bring back Mount Stingily for a few more years. He is solid depth at the position where they had none. He will push whoever they bring in to play RT, and he can be the swing tackle as well.

Not only have the Titans made player signings but also some hires in the front office.

Who are the Titans rooting for in March Madness? Joe Fann will let you know. I just watched LSU miss 6 free throws in a row and 12 FG attempts in a row to lose a game by 1. So now I'm rooting for anyone but Kentucky.

Quote of the Day: "It gets late early out there." -Yogi Berra