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Between The Posts: Back In The Fold

The Titans bring back a familiar face.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans managed a doubly good move today in resigning Byron Stingily. They fill a void at RT left by Michael Oher, and at the same time add someone faimilar with the team and the scheme they run. Stingily has filled in for the Titans in the past, and will likely be in the mix to start at right tackle and/or compete with a rookie at the spot.

Its another example of the sensible moves the Titans have made this off season. But better yet, they didn't allow sensibilities to dull their aggression. You get the impression that they got who they wanted. Whisenhunt hasn't impressed many so far, but GM Rust on Webster is holding up his end of the bargain this Summer, at least on paper.