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2015 NFL Draft: The Draft and the Furious 4.0

It's Waynes' World and we're living in it

Marcus Peters. Do Not Want
Marcus Peters. Do Not Want
Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to another edition of the weekly draft position rankings! This week, we'll be taking a look at the cornerbacks. While not as deep as years past, it's still an impressive group of prospects, especially at the top.  As previously stated, this post is where I can take questions via the comments section or hit me up on gmail at For those of you on Twitter, it's @DuckinNoles247 (friendly reminder, it's not for everyone so tread carefully). I have a Facebook as well (my name). With that said, onto the rankings!

1. Trae Waynes 6'0 198 RS Junior Michigan State

- The nation's best corner and it isn't close. Waynes solidified that status at the Combine where he ran a 4.35 40 and showed very well in the agility drills. Like all Spartan defenders, he has been very well coached in the fundamentals. He mirrors the receiver with excellent hand usage without drawing flags. Waynes' hips are solid in that he can flip them on a dime and possesses great closing speed on the rare occasion he's beaten. Also has good ball skills in tracking in the air and coming down with the pick.

2. Marcus Peters 6'0 197 RS Junior Washington

- Peters has a colorful off the field history in that he frequently clashed with the new regime at Washington. He was eventually removed from the Huskies in 2014 after all of the insubordination was too much to bear for Chris Petersen's staff. He has shown contrition about his past in the media and in meetings with teams. Whether that is a front to salvage his stock remains to be seen. On the field, he's the second best corner. While Waynes is the better overall prospect, Peters is a more willing tackler. He closes on the ball while its in the air very quickly. A ball hawk with great instincts. He can get too aggressive at times and is susceptive to pump fakes. An excellent press corner that needs work on his man coverage.

3. Quinten Rollins 5'11 195 RS Senior Miami of Ohio

- The nation's most underrated corner. He makes the splash plays routine. A ballhawk with a nose for the football. Rollins was named MAC DPOY in 2014, which is remarkable considering that he hadn't played football since high school and wasn't even a corner there. He played for basketball team in college until 2014. Possesses good lateral quickness and great hand usage (not a shock given his hoops background). Also has good tackling form. Inexperience can be both a good and bad thing (doesn't have any bad habits but really raw in the more technical aspects). He's a little slower than I would like but that could be attributed to inexperience and not knowing what do because of it.

4. P.J. Williams 6'0 194 Junior Florida State

- Williams is likely the best run defender and tackler of the position group. He diagnoses and closes on the ball in the run game very well. Has very good tackle form. As a pass defender, he's above average in tracking the ball and coming down with the pick. Knows how to use his hands to break up the pass and how to subtly get away with pass interference. A true #1 corner for the Seminoles. Fluid hips are a plus as well. Displays great press coverage skills but has enough athleticism to play man. He's a big gamer that showed up in the 2013 national title game with several game changing plays, including a late pick. Williams did not shirk away from the vaunted Georgia Tech option attack and made several important tackles in the 2014 ACC title game. However, I did not like his 2014 campaign as it gave off the effect that he was mailing it in for the draft. Then again, it was a minor miracle that Florida State fielded even a mediocre defense in the first place with the horrendous and appallingly boneheaded DC Charles Kelly.

5. Jalen Collins 6'1 203 RS Junior LSU

- He got next in the long line of great players at DB U in Baton Rouge. Collins is a bigger corner at 6'1 and plays to his size very well. He's very good at meeting the ball at the high point and is a willing tackler. Possesses very fluid hips for a guy his size and can mirror any receiver down the field. Football IQ is excellent as well.

Best of the rest

6. Doran Grant 5'10 200 Senior Ohio State

7. Steven Nelson 5'10 197 Senior Oregon State

8. Josh Shaw 6'0 201 RS Senior USC

9. Byron Jones 6'1 199 RS Senior UCONN

10. Ifo Ekpre-Olomu 5'9 192 Senior Oregon