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Carl Davis 2015 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Carl Davis has a lot to work with, but needs to remain consistent to find NFL success.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports


Defensive Tackle




6'5, 320 pounds


Davis is a massive man, but has a great ability to explode off of the line of scrimmage.  He gets into blocker quickly, overwhelming them with a very strong punch.  He can put blockers on skates before they even know what hit them.  Watch the rep below.  Davis explodes out of his stance, pushing his blocker five yards backwards.  From there he is able to disengage enough to get an arm on the runner.

Simply put -- Davis is very strong.  He can usually move a blocker wherever he wants him to be.  His long arms assist his disengage ability.  When he's ready, Davis hits blockers with a club move that usually rips him free.  His hands pack a big punch and are active in his game. The play below is a good example of his quickness paired up with his strength.  He gets ahead of the blocker and sends him backwards with a punch.  Davis then holds his ground and is able to make the play.

Most guys his size are labeled as run stuffers, but Davis offers you a little bit of an interior pass rush as well.  When lined up over the center, Davis' quicks are put on display.  He can really penetrate and disrupt the front of the pocket.  He's a true three-down tackle.


There are some big pockets of inconsistent play when you watch Davis.  He has great tools, but they aren't always put to good use.  There are moments where he plays too high and gets pushed around.  He has great hands, but he doesn't always try to disengage.  He has an inconsistent motor -- he seems to turn it on and off when he pleases.  You'll see dominant stretches of play, then you'll see him disappear.

He struggles when forced to move.  He's a bit heavy-footed and really stuggles to change direction.  This isn't a huge deal because of what he will be asked to do, but he does lack some lateral agility.


Davis is a big body with overwhelming strength and a great first step.  He has a chance to be a dominant player in this league if he can be more consistent.  I think he's scheme proof, meaning that he can play in any type of front.  You can start looking for him to come off of the board sometime around the end of the first round.  He's a top 40 guy and likely won't last very long if he makes it to day two.

Draft Projection

1st - 2nd round