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Ken Whisenhunt drops an "epic fail" on Blidi Wreh-Wilson

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Ken Whisenhunt was on The Midday 180 today.  They asked him about the Perrish Cox signing, and he said something along the lines of he hopes that guy will help eliminate some of the "epic fails" that you saw last year.  Whiz then said the most notable of those was the throwback to the quarterback in the Cincinnati game.

I am not sure how Blidi Wreh-Wilson comes back from that.  Epic fail really sums up BWW's whole season.  Now some of the blame for that falls on Whisenhunt and Ruston Webster for not addressing the need at corner last season.  They were confident that Wreh-Wilson could hold down the job.  They couldn't have been more wrong.

I will post a link to Whisenhunt's full interview when it is made available on The Zone website.  Whiz is usually pretty boring in interviews, but today's was actually pretty good.

One other item of note, he said that Marcus Mariota will come to Nashville for a pre-draft visit in April.