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Maxx Williams 2015 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Maxx Williams is far and away the number one tight end in this year's draft class.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports


Tight End




6'4, 249 pounds


The most enticing thing about Williams is his ability to go get the football.  If the pass is anywhere around him, he's going to come down with it.  He has massive hands and he uses them very well.  Williams works to catch everything away from his frame.  His catch radius is massive.  He routinely made circus catches during his time at Minnesota.

Williams is at his best when he's up to speed down the field.  He can make any catch and adjust to nearly any pass.  He offers you a little something after the catch too.  His athletic ability is on display is this clip. He hauls in the pass cleanly and turns up the field. Then he literally jumps over a guy.  That's rare athletic ability from a guy at his size.

Check out the concentration here.  Williams has a defender holding one arm back, so he goes ahead and grabs the ball with his one free hand.  It seems like he did something like this in every game I was able to see.


Despite his athletic ability on the move, Williams shows little explosion out of his stance. It takes him more than a few steps to get moving. He isn't a great route runner right now and appears to be pretty stiff when changing directions or making cuts. He's at his best running downfield on seam routes or crossing routes. Williams struggles to separate, but makes up for it with his size an catch radius.

He's an average blocker at best currently, lacking some strength overall. He has nice length, but is more of a "get in the way" guy than a power blocker.  He's one example of the blocking issues.  Williams extends his arms to the defender, but doesn't deliver any power.  He doesn't lock on, allowing his man to shed and make the play.


In a weak tight end class, Williams will probably get over-drafted. He's a monster at the catch point and should have a productive career, but lacks some movement skills from a route running standpoint. He was underutilized in college in the passing game, despite being the team's most talented receiver.

Williams projects to be a force in the redzone.  Hopefully he will land with a team that will maximize his ability to attack the football.  He's a still has some developing to do, but I don't think this guy gets out of the top 40 picks.  He has a chance to land somewhere late in round one with the Ravens, Broncos and Seahawks.

Draft Projection

Late 1st