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Between The Posts: Making The Right Moves

The Titans are making progress, but hard work remains ahead.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans appear to be making the right moves at this point, having addressed most of their roster holes in the past week. With the team still looking for offensive line talent as well as likely upgrades at WR and RB, they have put themselves in a good position for the draft. Going into the event hamstrung by dire roster needs is never ideal. The team still has a ways to go, especially in convincing critics that they are ready to make a true turnaround. The most contentious issue seems to be under center at this juncture, with camps for both incumbent youngster Zach Mettenberger and Oregon phenom Marcus Mariota drawing lines in the sand.

Its though, no, near impossible, to win in the NFL without a reliable answer at Quarterback, but the jury is still out on both players as far as I'm concerned. I love Mariota as an prospect and think he'll be an excellent pro (unlike his many doubters). But that isn't an indictment of Mettenberger either. He doesn't get the credit for the play he displayed last season in his starts. He didn't win, but not all QBs win in their first year, and fewer still with rosters as compromised as that of the 2014 Tennessee Titans.

Free agents seem to feel that Tennessee offered a strong chance for success to them, so the staff must be commended for that. The coaches, especially Whisenhunt and this Titans offense are still very much under the gun though, and have a lot to prove at this point. Last year's 2-14 travesty leaves some pretty notable scars.