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NFL Draft 2015: Marcus Mariota is visiting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Ian Rapoport is reporting that Marcus Mariota is visiting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today for a pre-draft visit.  The Bucs have already hosted Jameis Winston for a similar visit.  It is widely speculated at this point that Tampa is leaning towards taking Winston with the first overall pick.  It makes sense that they would have both guys in, even if they are already leaning one way or the other.

Everyone has a different opinion here, but my opinion is that it doesn't really matter which quarterback the Buccaneers take, as long as they take one of them.  There are a lot of teams that need quarterbacks.  Those teams are probably pretty split on which of these two quarterbacks they prefer.  Most people believe that Winston is the better prospect on the field, but again, it doesn't really matter to the Titans.  They just need one guy to be gone to increase the value of their pick.

From there, they will have to decide if a defensive player, probably Leonard Williams, or the quarterback, whichever one it is, is worth more than a host of picks.  I would love to be a fly on the wall in the Titans war room after the first pick is made.