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Tennessee Titans News Links: To-Do List

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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The Titans have done a lot this offseason in regards to bolstering a defense that was quite porous a year ago. However, they still have things that need to be taken care of before the draft, where we can really improve this team.

In my opinion, that to do list should read:

1. Sign Greg Hardy (play him at 5-tech, move him around, he can be our version of Michael Bennett, could also probably play a little bit of OLB). The Titans clearly do not have a problem adding guys with troubled pasts, just look at recent signing Perrish Cox, or go back one year to Taylor Lewan or even Zach Mettenberger. Not saying its an apples to apples comparison, but if we are about getting the most talented players on our team, it is really hard to argue against signing Greg Hardy.

2. Sign James Harrison. He provides depth at OLB and will help further the transition to OLB. Plus it didn't hurt he had one of the highest Pass Rushing Productivity grades out of any player last year per PFF.

3. Sign a depth/swing OT. This could include Byron Stingily. I just want a guy who can push a draftee, and make it so we don't have to force this pick early.

We could do a couple other things, like signing a WR or adding a run stuffing NT like Starks or Wilfork, or even adding Brandon Spikes, but those moves would be just gravy.

Now onto the draft plan.

Round 1: Draft Marcus Mariota. Rehauling the QB position is the only way to have a quick turnaround in the NFL. Signing Greg Hardy allows us to pass on Leonard Williams, and grabbing a guy that can be a franchise QB.

Round 2: Draft DGB. Arguably the best WR in the draft, goes to a team that really lacks talent at the WR position. DGB would be a top 5 selection without the off field problems. This could be the steal of the draft and gives our QB what we have wanted Justin Hunter to become.

Round 3-7: Draft whatever OLB, OT, CB, RB is ranked highest on the board.

2016 Season: Prosper.

Now the rest of the links:

Paul Kuharsky doesn't think that the Titans can afford to spend a premium pick on an offensive lineman. I think they can't afford to have the RT spot be terrible and get our QB killed.

Brian Orakpo is excited to be in a familiar defense. He also can earn 2 million in game bonuses.

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