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NFL Free Agency: An apology to Ruston Webster

Why I was wrong to judge early.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

While Webster hasn't shown that he has righted the ship yet, he has made a promising start in free agency this year.

Five days ago I was furious at Webster for his lack of pre-free agency activity. While the other 31 GMs (give or take) were going crazy and making offers, word out of Nashville was quiet at best. Not only were the Titans not going to lock down their own (Derrick Morgan, Ryan Succop and Karl Klug), but they were also not making any clear headway with outside players.

However, while all the other teams handed out bloated contracts to players that likely won't be with the team in two years, the Titans sat back and let cooler heads prevail. Not only did they bring back their own at a fair price, they brought in clear difference makers to need positions.

Brian Orakpo tops the list obviously with his Pro Bowl experience and top level production, but it is more than just him.

Da'Norris Searcy was quietly one of the best safeties in free agency after a strong year with one of the league's best defenses in Buffalo. He gives the Titans a player that will fly around and make hits, allowing Michael Griffin to back up to a true free safety role. Everyone who has watched the Titans know that if Griffin is asked to do too much all of his production suffers, but if you put him with a very good strong safety he is vastly improved.

Speaking of an improved secondary, the Titans brought in Perrish Cox from the San Francisco 49ers. Cox was another defensive back that was underrated last year by most, but who quietly did a very good job. Jason McCourty can be a true #1 cornerback in this league, however when a team faces Blidi Wreh-Wilson, McCourty is rarely the first guy they want to pick on. With Cox in the fold this defensive backfield went from unproven and untested to a veteran group without any player that is a clear liability in coverage (like Bernard Pollard and Wreh-Wilson were).

With more moves to come in free agency down the line, all I can do is sit back and watch Ruston Webster make this team better. After some years with some questionable signings, it looks like the Titans GM is finally doing things the right way and he deserves a lot of credit. Many, including myself, were ready to push the panic button in free agency this year and overspend on anyone who would raise the profile of this team and possibly give them a blue-chip player. For all of that, I think the fans and I need to apologize to Webster for freaking out the last week.

This team may still end up 2-14 next year, but it won't be because of poor moves from the front office in free agency.