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NFL Draft: Sam Bradford rumors linger around Tennessee Titans

What some coaches are saying about the QB swap in Philly.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans have made several moves to start the free agency period, but they are definitely not the only team shaking up the roster. In case you didn't notice (which is very unlikely) the Philadelphia Eagles traded Nick Foles and some draft picks to acquire Sam Bradford from the St. Louis Rams.

While there are mixed feelings about whether or not Marcus Mariota is no longer in the cards for the Eagles, some coaches at the West Virginia pro day made it clear that they think this is just a piece of a larger plan:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Interesting to hear some coaches <a href="">@kwhite8</a> pro day who said not convinced w/ Kelly/Bradford. They think SB still bait for Titans, not sys fit</p>&mdash; Josina Anderson (@JosinaAnderson) <a href="">March 15, 2015</a></blockquote>
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Josina Anderson is not someone that usually gets bad information, so there is quite a bit of weight to her words. The Titans definitely could use a quarterback, and the potential trade between the Titans and the Eagles makes a lot of sense. However there are a lot of questions I have for the move:

1. What would the Eagles give the Titans? This deal doesn't make sense if it is just a straight swap of Mariota for Bradford and a 1st round pick. Will the Eagles give up their 2016 1st round pick too? Will they throw in Fletcher Cox to make the Titans forget about Leonard Williams?

2. With Bradford already on the Eagles roster, doesn't this give the Titans all the leverage? If they were going to move Mariota, they can now essentially dictate the price or leave the Eagles with a QB they never really wanted.

3. Will the Titans really want to risk such a big move on a QB that can't stay healthy? They just saw Jake Locker retire, and both quarterbacks have been banged up their entire careers.

4. Why would the Titans want to make such a big move for Bradford with his huge paycheck? The Titans presumably could have gotten Cutler for a mid/late round pick and it only would have cost them a little more. I'm not as big of a Jay Cutler guy as I was a few years ago, but at the very least his gives you consistency and the ability to take a lot of hits.

This doesn't make sense unless to me unless there are some pieces willing to be moved that the public doesn't know. If they were willing to give up Cox or swap left guards, or another major move I could start to see it, but as of now I don't think Sam Bradford was the "missing piece".