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Busy Day Continues; Anthony Fasano Signs With Titans

Anthony Fasano to sign with the Titans

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have been more active today than they have been the rest of the offseason combined. According to several outlets, the Titans have signed veteran Tight End, Anthony Fasano. Fasano has been around the league for a long time, most recently playing for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Anthony Fasano's main game is blocking. Ken Whisenhunt may have been looking for a Matt Spaeth type of player for his offense, like he had many years ago in Pittsburgh. With Owner Tommy Smith's desire to become a "smashmouth" football team, and proclaiming that the run game will be improved and existent this year, it makes sense to bring in a blocking tight end, like the Titans had many years ago with Alge Crumpler.

I would not be surprised if this signing meant the end of Craig Stevens, who has had a decently long run here. Stevens is owed 3 million dollars this year, and is coming off of a season ending quad injury. While Chase Coffman was better than expected last season, with Taylor Thompson returning, it looks as if there will be no room for him either.

Overall, this is a solid signing by the Titans. It won't make the headlines, and may even be mocked considering the current state of the Titans, but Fasano may turn out to be a valuable addition to the offense.