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Titans free agency: Karl Klug re-signed

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have re-signed Karl Klug per Jim Wyatt.  This has to be the busiest day the Titans have ever had in free agency.  Klug is a guy that they need to figure out how to get on the field more.  He is really productive when they get them out there.

However, Klug was cursed with very short arms:

Gramsey and I bowled with Klug a couple of years ago at the Mike Munchak bowling event.  Gramsey asked him if he had seen this picture and he laughed and said that he had.

I am starting to get excited about this team, but then I remember that Ken Whisenhunt is still the coach and I come back down to earth.

The fact that they have gone so heavy on defense in free agency leads me to believe that we will see another offensive heavy draft coming up.  That doesn't mean they won't take Leonard Williams at 2, but I think you will see a lot of offense after that.