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NFL Free Agency 2015 Report: Oakland Raiders in negotiations with Greg Hardy

Norm Hall/Getty Images

Jordan Schultz is reporting that the Oakland Raiders are in the process of negotiating with Greg Hardy.  He puts the odds at 60-40 that they get a deal done.  It makes sense because the Raiders have a boat load of cap space and haven't been able to land the big fish yet.  They need to give a bunch of money to someone.  Hardy is the best guy left.

A lot of people out there were really cheering for the Titans to sign Hardy.  There is no doubt he is a dynamic player, but he just looks like a better fit to play 4-3 defensive end.  Sure, with a player as talented as he is, you should be able to find a way to get him in your defense, but we all know that isn't the strength of this staff.

It would be fitting for Hardy to end up in Oakland.  They love to take on the guys with off the field issues.