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NFL Free Agency 2015: Brian Orakpo is still in Nashville visiting the Titans

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Josina Anderson tweeted this morning that Brian Orakpo is still in Nashville visiting with the Tennessee Titans.  It was reported earlier that he also had a visit scheduled with the Arizona Cardinals.  Anderson's tweet from this morning says no time has been scheduled for that yet.

This is a really good sign for the Titans signing Orakpo.  They better not let him go to Arizona because unless the money is a lot better here, there is no way he is going to chose the Titans over the Cardinals- who were arguably the best team in the league last year before Carson Palmer was injured.

There are still other guys out there, Derrick Morgan being one of them, but Orakpo should be everything for the Titans right now.  He is the best pure pass rusher that is still on the market.  The Titans couldn't be more desperate for a pass rusher.

Here is what's left on the market after Orakpo:


Ruston Webster needs to be able to close the deal here.  I have no faith in his ability to do that.  PROVE ME WRONG RUSTON!!!!1