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Tennessee Titans News Links: I Need A Hero

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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The Titans need pass rushers. They need them badly. At this point in time Kamerion Wimbley (one of the worst OLBs in football) and Massaquoi (talented but rough around the edges waiver pick up) are the only two OLBs on our roster. That is not a good thing. It may be the worst OLB situation in football.

Brian Orakpo is currently in town, and he would be a fantastic addition, especially if he can stay healthy. The Titans need to sign him ASAP. The Titans need to call up Derrick Morgan's agent, pay the man. The Titans need to call up James Harrison, sign him up, and the Titans need to call up Greg Hardy (this isn't going to be popular) and get him on board. Our OLBs would go from 2 to 6, and in the process add a whole lot of talent and pass rushing ability. Plus you'd have insurance for Orakpo's pectorals.

I'm sure the Titans are far from done in FA, but EDGE is getting very thin. CBs we could be interested in are Perrish Cox, who has a visit on Friday, and Brandon Browner, who followed us on twitter the other day when he was allowed to gauge interest with other teams.

Da'Norris Searcy is happy to be back in the South, and I am elated to have him.

After liking a grand total of 0 of our FA signings a year ago, PFF LOVES our signing of Da'Norris Searcy.

Quote of the Day: No quote, just a Vine. This woman needed a hero too.

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