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On the Da'Norris Searcy Signing, and Why the Titans Need Brian Orakpo (Or any other OLB)

The Titans need to get aggressive this Summer, and fast.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans certainly haven't been as aggressive in the first wave of free agency as many expected. That said, it is but the first wave of an extended period and there is more out there than just the big names. The Titans nabbed an underrated safety in Da'Norris Searcy, who gives the team a secondary player who can play in the box and be relied upon to make important stops. The Titans were swiss cheese against the run far too often last season, and having a more athletic in-the-box safety should help in that regard. Searcy is also no slouch in pass coverage either. Most would agree that he is an upgrade over (even) a healthy Bernard Pollard at this point.

With reports awash with Brian Orakpo news in Nashville, and clear interest in Jason Worilds before his surprise retirement, it's obvious that the Titans are looking to remedy their comically bad (and depopulated) outside linebacker group. While Orakpo comes with plenty of question marks, with both his health and recent play, he represents at least some talent that the Titans could use.

The team has to be careful not to fall into the same trap they did last year at the position, when they added Shawn Phillips and ended up cutting him mid season. While the market has thinned out after the first few days of free agency, the Titans need to be aggressive in adding multiple players at the position. With just two players in house at OLB at present (and not good ones either), the team needs to lock down this all-important position that is so crucial to the 3-4 working as intended. George Selvie, Michael Johnson, and Adrian Clayborn would all be decent additions. As has been said a lot over the past week, the team needs to do all they can to bring back Derrick Morgan as well. A veteran like Dwight Freeney is also appealing to use in a rotational set.

The team also has gaping holes at OT, a lack of a true No.1 (or even a No.2) wide receiver, and question marks along some of the front seven spots.

Either way, the team has seemed to lack the direction and aggression in the early onset of free agency this year, which is a minor shock considering the large amount of cap space available and the precipitous job security of both Whisenhunt and Webster. Depth players need to be added across the board as well, as Titans fans well know the disastrous result of widespread injuries that have plagued the team over the past few seasons. Injuries are going to happen in the NFL, so your backups better be good enough to play.

The Tennessee Titans need to be smart, but that doesn't mean being passive. The FO needs to be aggressive this Summer (and have a killer draft) if the team is truly going to make any kind of turnaround in 2015.