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Brian Orakpo Visiting the Titans Today; Michael Griffin Helping Recruit

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

So Brain Orakpo got into Nashville last night per Michael Griffin on the Midday 180 today.  He is visiting with the coaching staff, and probably the medical staff, at St. Thomas Sports Park.  If they are confident that he can hold up physically (well as confident as you can with a football player holding up physically), they should not him leave without a contract.

Josina Anderson asked Orakpo how he felt about going from a 4 win Redskins team to a 2 win Titans team.  Here was his response:

That is a tough question. So, going into another situation that is somewhat rebuilding is something that I have to see if it’s worthwhile...I just want to kind of get a blueprint of what is going on.

Hopefully it will be Dick LeBeau giving the pitch and not Ken Whisenhunt.

Griffin, who played with Orakpo at the University of Texas, said on The Midday 180 today he has been trying to recruit Orakpo to the Titans. We will see how much pull he has with Orakpo.