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MCM Radio: Tennessee Titans Free Agency Discussion

Join us live at 8:00 pm CDT!

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL's 2015 Free Agency period is just over 24-hours old, and the Tennessee Titans are already behind the proverbial 8 Ball. Most of the highest-value players on the market have already signed or agreed to terms elsewhere, and the scant news the Titans have made are pretty hard to square with their massive cap space and long list of needs.

MCM Radio is going live tonight at 8:00 CDT tonight to dive deep into what's going down... or more accurately, what isn't going down.

And want to hear what you think!

That's right folks, we're going to be taking calls from loyal MCMers for the majority of the show for the first time in many moons. We're going to try out a new method to help prevent trolls and make it easier for fans of MCM to move to the top of the call list.

If you have thoughts and want to join in, here's what you'll need to do:

  1. Follow me on Twitter at @AugustWest_MCM, and I'll follow you as well
  2. Send me a DM with your MCM name and the phone number you will be calling from
  3. I'll log your info so that we know who is calling in
  4. Get your thoughts ready ahead of time
  5. Call in at (347) 838-9122, and bring plenty of energy!

The deadline to get your info in ends at 6:30 CDT!

As always, you can stream the show live on the BTR site, and you can get the full podcast of the show via iTunes after we're done. We're excited to hear from some Titans and MCM fans outside of the Nashville area, and the discussion promises to be lively to say the least.