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Cortland Finnegan retires; Calls Andre Johnson a Bish

G. N. Lowrance/Getty Images

Cortland Finnegan has called it a career.  He went from being a 7th round pick of the Titans to a Pro Bowl corner.  The best part about his retirement is that he took a shot at Andre Johnson on the way out the door (from Finny's Instagram):

Spent 9 years doing something I Loved and it has payed off in so many ways.. To say I have been blessed is an understatement I am forever thankful.. I have made my share of mistakes and had moments of glory. I even got into a fight in an NFL Game ( he hits like a bish) . I'm thankful for the friends I made on and off the field love yAll.. Time to move on and enjoy new people new places and new ideas.. I forgot to thank all the haters I love yAll to

Let's be real here: Johnson would have beaten the crap out of Finnegan if people didn't step in to break the fight up. Everyone on the opposing team always hated Finnegan, that probably means he was doing something right.