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The Titans Need to Overpay for Derrick Morgan

Harry How/Getty Images

The Tennessee Titans desperately need a pass rusher.  You already know this if you are reading this site.  The problem is Brandon Graham re-signed with the Eagles.  Jason Worilds retired.  Justin Houston and Jason Pierre-Paul got franchised.  That leaves Brian Orakpo and Derrick Morgan as the Titans only good choices to upgrade their pass rush.

It is pretty clear that Morgan wants to play 4-3 defensive end.  That means the Titans will have to pay him *gasp* more money than they think he is worth to get him to stay.  They have $40 some odd million in cap space and no one to spend it on at this point.  They need someone who can provide pressure off the edge.  If they are ever going to overpay someone, this is the time.

I am all for being cap conscious.  Those of us who have been fans of this team since they moved here knows how miserable it can be when your team gets in cap purgatory, but this team isn't anywhere close to that.  They have all of that cap space and don't have anyone to spend it on.

Morgan played extremely well in his first year as an outside linebacker.  He is only going to get better.  They are stupid to let him walk away when they don't have anything that even resembles a replacement on the current roster.