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2015 NFL Draft: The Draft and the Furious 3.0

There's gold in them thar hills (of Hollywood)! - Mark Twain

Amari Cooper. The top receiver taken in 2015?
Amari Cooper. The top receiver taken in 2015?
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Lost in all of the hectic hustle and bustle of the opening salvos of Free Agency, we have a little note of what the Titans are doing on the Pro Day tours.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. This week, we'll be looking at the insanely loaded wide receiver class. As previously stated, this post is where I can take questions via the comments section or you can hit me up on the Twitter (@DuckinNoles247). Onto to the rankings!

1. Kevin White 6'3 215 Senior West Virginia

- White absolutely blew up the Combine with a 4.35 40 on top of an excellent 2014 season. He's what Justin Hunter can only dream of being. White is an excellent route runner and possesses great hands to boot. He will need to work on his run blocking at the next level. A great athlete that can really go up and get the ball in red zone situations as well. White is in the mix for the top receiver taken honor.

2. Amari Cooper 6'1 211 Junior Alabama

- A dynamic athlete in his own right but has suffered some as the intense scrutiny of the process has gone on. Cooper knows how to adjust his routes to get separation from the defender but has a tendency to "Zach Brown" it too much i.e. not stay within the route. He's a better deep threat than White but also has issues with drops. The drops aren't game changing drive killing drops but of the lackadaisical "I'm the best athlete on the field and everyone knows it" variety. He can also return kicks.

3. Jaelen Strong 6'2 217 RS Junior Arizona State

- Strong isn't the greatest athlete (as athletes running 4.44 40s go these days) but could be the strongest possession receivers in the class. He simply knows how to go up and get it. Wins most of the 50-50 balls thrown in his direction. It's amazing that he's been this dominant not knowing what he's doing yet. Has to develop his route running further. If I had to make a comp for him, I'd compare him to Anquan Boldin.

4. DeVante Parker 6'3 209 Senior Louisville

- Parker sat out the first half of the 2014 season with a leg injury but returned against Florida State for an impressive 200 yard performance in a close loss. He proved that the leg injury has had zero residual effect on his athleticism. He's easily one of the top receivers in the country when fully healthy. Produced even without QB Teddy Bridgewater. An excellent route runner who can vary the depth of the routes to fool defenders. Has a tendency to body catch at times. Medical history isn't the greatest, either.

5. Sammie Coates 6'1 212 RS Junior Auburn

- Coates is a physical freak that has the speed element of Mike Wallace and the strength of Vincent Jackson. He blew up at the Senior Bowl. Strikes me as a one hit wonder as he didn't much before 2014. The measureables from the Combine were solid, though. Coates has a limited knowledge base of routes due to Auburn's unconventional offense under Gus Malzhan so that area needs to be shored up. He is an excellent run blocker in that offense, however (they got a lot of in game practice at it).

Best of the Rest

6. Rashad Greene 5'11 182 Senior Florida State

7. Breshad Perriman 6'2 212 RS Junior UCF

8. Tyler Lockett 5'10 182 Senior Kansas State

9. Nelson Agholor 6'0 198 Junior USC

10. Dorial Green-Beckham 6'5 237 RS Junior Oklahoma