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Is Ndamukong Suh a good fit with the Tennessee Titans

How do you think he would be?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

There is no doubt going into this free agency period that the crown jewel (unless Justin Houston makes it out without being franchised) of this year is Ndamukong Suh.

The young defensive tackle has had his moments of dominance in this league, perhaps more than almost any other player in his short five years in the league. Despite being constantly double-teamed, Suh has still managed to accrue 36 sacks in his brief career.

As a run defender, Suh often occupies so much space that anything inside the tackles fails, and outside runner rarely see cutback lanes because of his speed and athleticism.

So with all of that going for him, is he really a player that the Titans should consider giving $15 million or more annually? Well yes and no.

On one hand you have maybe the most dominant defensive player to hit the market in the last 10 years. On the other hand, you have a 3-technique who would be forced to eat up space on the defensive line in the Titans 3-4 scheme.

For those that say it doesn't matter, look at how Jurrell Casey's stats fell for the Titans in 2014. The newly assigned 5-technique struggled to consistently make impact in games, and managed to only rack up just above half as many sacks as he did before.

Again however there is a flip-side to this. Last year Ray Horton said that his defensive line would not be there to just occupy space to open holes for the linebackers, and if that is still the case then Suh could thrive in Tennessee. A defensive line consisting of Leonard Williams and Jurrell Casey as your 5-techniques and Ndamukong Suh as your nose tackle, could be devastating in the right situation.

So the question ultimately comes down to: Do you believe that the Titans coaching staff would use Suh correctly in their 3-4 scheme, or would it be too big of a risk for his price tag?

Ignore for a second the fact that the Titans said they weren't going to spend big because of course they are. If Webster doesn't spend big this year, this team won't obtain enough pieces to secure his job next year. Webster and company need to build a winner and they don't have time to be patient.

So if this were purely in your hands, would you seriously consider making a run at Ndamukong Suh, even at the price of potentially missing your chance with other big name free agents?