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Between The Posts: Offseason Momentum

The Titans enter a critical offseason, and they need a lot of work.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans have made some moves so far this offseason. After firing front office man Lake Dawson and cutting ties with Michael Oher, the team reshuffled some of their staffing responsibilities, and added a new face in legendary defensive mind Dick Lebeau. The team's defacto owner/CEO Tommy Smith made known his frustrations with the team's offensive line, while in the same breath painting a wildly optimistic prediction of the squad's pending ascent. The franchise also let on that they are trying to work out a deal to bring back Derrick Morgan.

So what is the team's natural next step? With the NFL combine approaching draft season is almost officially upon us. Are the Titans looking at dynamic defensive talents, or at QB? It's hard to penetrate and NFL team's smoke and mirrors in the offseason, especially about what they view internally as their team needs. Often, it's clear when the dust has settled that those needs do not always match up entirely with public perception.

The Titans are no different. With the draft and free agency on the horizon, the team will soon decide who goes and who stays. Who do you think the team will (or should) move on from, and what would be your solution?