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NFL potential Roster Cuts: Wide Receiver

Which player could help the Titans at their thinnest position?

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans are going to add some cuts from other teams (every team does it) and the market looks like it could have some nice names at several position. To help fans figure out what players might be cut, has put out a list of players on the brink. The Titans need help at receiver badly, and there are some nice names on this list.

Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona

I have beaten this drum before, but Fitzgerald's prime years came under Ken Whisenhunt and it would make sense for everyone for him to relocate to Tennessee.

Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City

Bowe is a constant underachiever, but he could be a great #2 option in an offense. If Whisenhunt and company can develop Justin Hunter or Kendall Wright into a true #1 caliber receiver, then Bowe would be a great compliment.

Greg Jennings, Minnesota

I'm not crazy about Jennings, but this roster lacks and any real veteran presence on the outside. Jennings is a smart player that will be a nice third or fourth option.

Andre Johnson, Houston

The man that terrorized Tennessee for most of his career, might be looking for a new home soon. Johnson is the perfect receiver for either Zach Mettenberger or whoever else they bring in because he has a huge frame, is an elite route runner and still occasionally creates mismatches outside with his speed.

Mike Wallace, Miami

Wallace is being terribly misused in Miami because Tannehill cannot throw a deep ball. Mettenberger would be Mike Wallace's hero and he could possibly be the best fit in the league for Wallace with this offense (although Joe Flacco would be a nice pairing too).

Percy Harvin, New York Jets

The Titans need someone to add a splash to this offense, and Harvin can be everything that the Titans wanted Dexter McCluster to be. Harvin has huge character and health question marks, but the Titans can't afford to play this offseason safe.