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NFL potential Roster Cuts: Pass rushers

Some big name players that could help the Titans if they see the open market.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Tennessee Titans are going to add some cuts from other teams (every team does it) and the market looks like it could have some nice names at several position. To help fans figure out what players might be cut, has put out a list of players on the brink. Here is where the Titans could find some good edge rushers.

Charles Johnson, Panthers

Johnson is an elite pass rusher in the NFL but the Carolina Panthers would regain $20 million in cap space if they cut the defensive end. Now, he isn't a fit in a strict 3-4 defense, but he is a dominant edge rusher that could play the "Elephant*" position in the defense if I understand correctly.

*(My understanding that is that the Elephant is designed to line up against inline tight ends and force them to chip or else they will get a free release to the QB)

Tamba Hali, Chiefs

Hali is the ideal edge rusher in pretty much every version of the 3-4 defense. Hali has speed and is a force in the run game as well. However, for a team that has had a dominant defense for year and never done anything with it, they might want to reallocate some money for some quality wide receivers.

Jarret Johnson, San Diego

Johnson was a very good player in Baltimore (where LeBeau and company saw him first hand) and if anyone knows where he wins it is this coaching staff. With a $7.5 million price tag this year, the Chargers may finally admit that they don't know how to use Johnson and let him go.