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NFL Potential Roster Cuts: CB

Where the Titans might get better.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans are going to add some cuts from other teams (every team does it) and the market looks like it could have some nice names at several position. To help fans figure out what players might be cut, has put out a list of players on the brink. Here is where the Titans could find some value at corner.

Johnathan Joseph CB Houston

The up and down CB from Houston has been in consistent over the past few years, but his highs are high and worth spending money on as a potential number two in Tennessee. If the Texans balk at his $12 million price tag this year then he might want to stay in a division he is familiar with.

Cary Williams CB, Philadelphia

Williams gets a lot of flak for his work in Philadelphia, but he played more snaps than any other corner in the league last year. The Eagles high snap count makes it easy for your defenders to end up on someone else's highlight real just because of how many plays you have to play against NFL-caliber players. I wouldn't break the bank for Williams, but I think someone will get a very serviceable second or third corner in the (soon to be) former Eagle.