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Pittsburgh Steelers that could potentially end up in Tennessee

A list of Titans that have been mentioned as possible LeBeau transplants.

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Earlier this week Gerry Dulac (someone familiar with the Pittsburgh Steelers) tweeted out some players that might be interested in reuniting with Dick LeBeau in Tennessee.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Dick LeBeau might have several former players who could be available to join him w Titans -- Troy, Ike, Keisel, Harrison.</p>&mdash; Gerry Dulac (@gerrydulac) <a href="">February 4, 2015</a></blockquote>
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Here is how I would rank these players in terms of who the Titans should be most interested in.

4. Ike Taylor CB (free agent)

For a long time in Pittsburgh, Ike Taylor has been the man who has drawn the toughest assignments on the defense. However, as a 35 year old free agent, the Steelers aren't likely to blow him away at the negotiating table. Taylor is a leader that many have nice things to say about, but who is probably much more interesting as a #2 corner than a top cover man.

3. Troy Polamalu S (still under contract)

While Polamalu has been a mainstay in Pittsburgh during his time in the NFL, a high cap number and his ties with LeBeau may drive him out of town. The Titans need safety help badly, and will need it even more if they cut Michael Griffin. While Polamalu isn't the impact player that he was, he knows how to line everyone up in LeBeau's defense and can still be effective as a blitzing DB.

2. Brett Keisel 5-tech (still under contract)

Keisel isn't a player that is going to be a stud at this point in his career, but he is resilient and demands respect on the DL. The Titans lack true 5-techs at this point and this gives the Titans more flexibility with where they go in the draft.

1. James Harrison EDGE (free agent)

I have never kept my desire to get Harrison on the Titans roster a secret. For years now they have lacked a true edge presence or someone who sets the tone on defense, and that is exactly what Harrison provides. Say what you will about Harrison, but he is the sixth highest rated edge defender in free agency according to PFF, and that is with him only playing about a third as many snaps as the number one free agent (Justin Houston).

Bonus: Justin Smith DL, San Francisco 49ers

Ok so here is the thing with Smith, while he isn't a Steelers player, he was drafted coached by Dick LeBeau his rookie year in Cincinnati. There were rumblings that Smith might be ready to leave the 49ers, and he may want to rejoin with his first head coach in Tennessee. Admittedly, the chances of this are much lower than the rest, but he would be a great fit on this team and if he showed interest I believe that LeBeau would pound the table for him.