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How do you view the Michael Oher cut?

What do you think about the move.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

There is no doubt that this was the right move by the Titans front office, but it this moves brings up a question in my mind. Do fans think that this is a smart move by Ruston Webster, or was it just the ending of a bad move?

Bad move

Michael Oher didn't show enough in his NFL career to really warrant consideration for a starting job once he hit free agency. Despite that, the Titans felt comfortable giving him a large contract and making him their starting right tackle. You could argue that this move should never have been made and that the Titans were placing too much value in the name and the story.

Good move

The Titans might not have seen anything in the NFL that would suggest that he could be a starting caliber player, but that doesn't mean that he didn't show signs in college. At Ole Miss he was one of the nation's best offensive tackles and with an ideal frame and a Super Bowl ring, they may have thought that Bob Bostad could mold him into a serviceable tackle.

After a year (or less due to injury) the Titans recognized their mistake and quickly pulled the plug on their project player instead of putting good money after bad.


I was always critical of this move, but the offensive line was in such disarray last year that I understood trying to bring in a veteran with Super Bowl experience. However, Oher was a huge liability and the Titans obviously needed to move on. So do you think the Titans should never have brought in Oher, or did you understand the move and are just glad that they are smart enough to make a change now?