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Between The Posts: Friday Night Edition

A week of needed changes.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans cleared up some of their questions this past week, bringing in Dick Lebeau to head the defensive side of the ball. Along with Ray Horton, the Titans have some positive vibes for the first time in too long. The team also put Mike Mularkey in charge of the running game, which needs a lot of help at this juncture. Bishop Sankey and the rest of the group never seemed to get going. Much of this can be attributed to the offensive line issues and play calling, but the backs can and need to do better in 2015 and beyond.

Some shred of accountability was also evident when Michael Oher was released. It was due to a failed physical, but nobody was counting on him suiting up in two-toned blue next season, healthy or not. GM Ruston Webster made a mistake, but he moved on from it at the earliest opportunity. Not a glowing endorsement, mind you, but worth mentioning. Other mistakes like Kamerion Wimbley may be next.

Hopefully the Titans can continue to clear up some lingering questions heading deeper into the offseason.